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Purchasing Quality Requirements

Revision C

Specification No F-843-1 , Quality Requirements for Purchase Orders


  1. General

    1. For every product purchased by Chaprak Technologies there are technical and general specifications that are required from the supplier at the time the order is placed, for it to fit in full to the end-customer requirements (if applicable) and the internal requirements of Chaprak Technologies.

  2. Purpose

    1.  The purpose of this document is to define explicitly the quality requirements for items purchased by Chaprak Technologies.

  3. Applicable Documents

    1. AS9100-D

  4. Definitions

    1. Supplier – supplier of products or services intended to be included in Chaprak Technologies products and have an effect on the quality of the product or service (not necessarily a manufacturer).

    2. Sub-contractor – a manufacturer that produces products by specifications and requirements of Chaprak Technologies.

    3. Catalog Item / Off-the-Shelf Item – an item that is purchased from existing stock or ordered from the supplier and is not manufactured by the specifications of Chaprak Technologies.

  5. Method

    1. These specifications include several levels of quality requirements for ordering the item.

      1. General quality requirements for all purchased items.

      2. Quality requirements defined against an item "family" defined as such:

        1. Off the shelf item

        2. Item manufactured by Chaprak Technologies specifications.

        3. Assembly of electronics.

        4. Mechanical items (machined parts, sheet metal, etc.)

        5. Wiring and cables.

        6. Post process (coating, paint, thermal treatment).

    2. General requirements for all purchased items – these requirements are applicable for all supplied items:

      1. It is the supplier or sub-contractor responsibility to supply the purchased part by the definition of the item defined in the purchase order.

      2. All the requirements detailed in this quality specifications are required as part of the item order.

      3. Chaprak Technologies, its customers for this product and the relevant legal authorities are entitled to free access (coordinated in advanced) to facilities that take part in executing this order and all applicable documentation for the order.

      4. Every supplier will hold approved and valid certification for ISO9001:2015 with exceptions specified in the purchase order.

      5. Chaprak Technologies may decide about the scope of the part acceptance for a purchased item when it is received.

      6. Every shipment must be from the same production lot. Mixed production lots will be returned to the supplier at its own expense.

      7. Humidity sensitive items will be supplied in vacuum packaging.

      8. The items will be packaged in a way that prevents damaging and FOD when moved inside the supplier facility or shipped to Chaprak Technologies. Packaging will be performed based on item size, environmental conditions, weight and mechanical qualities.

      9. The package will include the following details:

        1. Supplier/sub-contractor name.

        2. Chaprak Technologies purchase order number.

        3. Part number and revision as appears in Chaprak Technologies order.

        4. In order for special processes the Work Order Number, as appears in the purchase order or shipping documents.

        5. Quantity of products in the package.

        6. Warning for items sensitive to static electricity per IPC 610 latest edition.

      10. The supplier is required to keep the product records and documents – receipt, quality assurance, reviews, manufacturing documentation, etc. , for 7 years from the supply date unless specified otherwise by Chaprak Technologies.

      11. The supplier will ensure their staff are aware of their contribution to the services and products required in the purchase order, their contribution to the safety of the product and the importance of ethical behavior.

    3. General requirements for catalogue off-the-shelf items:

      1. Each supplier for off-the-shelf items of any kind (mechanical, electronic parts, etc.) will supply original items only, and those traceable to their source via supplied documentation.

      2. For each supplied item, which is not original (made by defined manufacturer), as required in the purchase order, will receive specific approval of Chaprak Technologies Quality Manager.

      3. Each supplier of off-the-shelf items will implement a written plan for preventing forgeries. The plan will be sent to and approved by the Chaprak Technologies Quality Manager.

      4. For each supplied item a COC of the supplier or original manufacturers throughout the production chain will be provided, while maintaining tracking and connection between COC of the supplier to the COC of the original manufacturer.

      5. For supplied materials a COA certificate (material analysis) of the manufacturer will be provided, while tracking the manufacturing lot number of the material to the lot which appears on the material packaging.

      6. Materials will be provided with MSDS certificate.

      7. Items sensitive to ESD will be supplied in suitable packages.

      8. Items required to be stored in predefined temperature will transit in suitable way.

      9. All items with limited shelf-life, will have at least 80% shelf-life left as defined by the manufacturer or by specific definition for the same material in the order documentation.

      10. For materials/products with limited shelf-life (expiry) the expiry date must be mentioned on each package including manufacturing date and storage conditions if required.

      11. Electronic parts older than 24 months will not be accepted.

      12. Measuring equipment will be supplied with valid calibration certificate and test and usage instructions.

      13. The items supplied are NON ROHS items only, and a manufacturer certificate which specifies must be attached.

      14. Items with long legs coming out of its bottom (for example transistors etc.) will be packaged in boxes protecting the item legs.

    4. General requirements for items manufactured by Chaprak Technologies specifications:

      1. The work must be performed according to the definition in the attached documents with full compatibility.

      2. The supplier's responsibility to verify with Chaprak Technologies the item description and the documents defining it in the order are in the correct revision based on company requirements.

      3. The supplier will ensure its suppliers are upheld by the Chaprak Technologies quality requirements in regards to this purchase order and verify it when receiving products and services from its suppliers.

      4. The supplier will not outsource the work for this order without informing Chaprak Technologies. The information will be documented and attached with the documentation supplied with the items.

      5. Exception product: each exception product which does not meet order requirements, specifications, drawing, etc. will go through MRB committee and reported immediately to quality assurance of Chaprak Technologies. This is relevant to exception products from sub-contractors.

      6. A supplier will not repair such parts or use as is in products supplied to Chaprak Technologies (even after MRB committee) without receiving written approval from Chaprak Technologies to do so.

      7. The supplier will report to Chaprak Technologies for every change in the product or the work processes, as far as this order is concerned, and received an approval for each change in the product or process.

      8. In every case in which the order is for manufacturing activity, the workers performing the work will have the suitable skills and certifications for producing the product or providing the required service, and as needed by Chaprak Technologies requirements a documentation for their skills and certifications will be provided as proof.

      9. Sub-contractors of the suppliers receiving the purchase order for special processes , will be approved by Chaprak Technologies as a prerequisite.

      10. Documents supplied with the product:

        1. COC of sub-contractor.

        2. COC report of sub-contractor for special processes.

        3. If required in the purchase order – COT of the sampled measurements.

        4. If required in the purchase order – COA of the materials used.

        5. If items not produced by the supplier are used – COC of the original manufacturer (inserts, components and items installed in the product.

        6. Every part will be supplied with the manufacturer's declaration of compatibility - C.O.C. The certificate will contain Part number from the purchase order, the part's revision, manufacturer's work order, raw material batch, quantity,                   and Chaprak Technologies Ltd. 's work order - if was sent in the purchase order.

      11. For each manufactured part by specifications, and produced for the first time since at least 2 years, a First Article Inspection will be performed by the manufacturer according to AS9120. Chaprak Technologies quality manager may cancel this requirement in a written approval.

      12. Supplier will refer to KC key requirements from purchased product documents.

      13. Statistical sample will be performed by C=0 to 2.5 as defined in table - ZERO ACCEPTABLE NO. SAMPLING PLANS / SQUEGLIA .

      14. Each supplied item will be tested for no FOD.

    5. Mechanical parts (assembly, sheet metal, machining, etc., in addition to item 5.4)

      1.  Suppliers of materials and inserts of mechanical items will be approved by Chaprak Technologies as a condition for using them in manufacturing of the parts.

      2. Each item will be supplied with material report of the original manufacturer including lot number matching to manufacturing lot appearing in the COC.

      3. Each item will be supplied with measurements report (COT) including trackability to lot number appearing in the COC.

      4. Each measurement report will be signed by manufacturer quality manager after verifying all order requirements and measurements.

      5. The supplier will provide reports for special processes performed in connection of this order while tracking lot number appearing in the COC.

      6. In accordance to the purchase order requirements, the supplier will provide COC (for materials used in this order) provided by neutral laboratory and not with the material manufacturer.

    6. Special processes (in addition to section 5.4):

      1. Special processes will be performed by drawing definition or order.

      2. The supplier is responsible for implementing the exact process required in the specification based on spec and revision if applicable. Each exception from this requirement must be approved by Chaprak Technologies Quality Manager.

      3. All special process supplier will provide COC certificate or COT for verifying the process performed by the suppler for the supplied manufactured lot.

      4. A supplier that is not Nadcap certified must specify in the relevant certificates and method in which th special process performed by him was certified and the most recent date of certification, and its results.

      5. If during the certification process it was found that the process is not according to required standard, supplier must inform Chaprak Technologies purchase and quality contacts immediately including all relevant details. Supplier will inform Chaprak within no more than 2 business days from when certification was made.

      6. Each process will include a final test, which will be performed by a certified QA engineer, in an attached test summary document, which will be supplied to Chaprak.

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