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About Chaprak Technologies

  • Chaprak Technologies is a private family-owned Israeli company founded in 1996, which specializes in manufacturing precise mechanical parts, components and systems, for the robotics, aerospace, defense and medical industries.

  • The company factory includes CNC machining centers, 3D printers, electro-mechanical system assembly lines and an advance quality inspection lab.

  • Chaprak in an expert in metal and plastic castings and tools.

  • Chaprak is a one of the leading, experienced companies in the field in Israel.

  • The company operates by high quality standard and is a certified supplier for leading industry firms such as Elbit Systems and Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Can We Make You Anything? 

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Contact Us by Email:

Chaprak Technologies Ltd

Paran 4, Yavne, Israel.

PO Box 13196

Tel: +972-8-993-55-77

Fax: +972-8-993-55-78


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