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Manufacutring Solutions


Many years of experience are needed for achieving the relevant knowledge for successful turnkey projects. Also required countless engagement with different technologies, gaining lots of tips, know-how's, tweaks, and information that as a project manager or engineer you would like to have at your disposal.


The casting industry keeps evolving every year, especially in the rapid prototyping field. Furthermore, companies now days started leaning towards complicated design ideas and innovating products. Cutting edge technologies are being developed in different sizes and shapes, that is the reason why It is difficult to be aware about all the different manufacturing technologies.


Fortunately, you are at the right place. Our experience and knowledge of Turn-Key production, guiding you throughout the project with a serious and professional technical support, an ongoing and dedicated casting process consultation and providing you the tools for achieving a high quality product. 

Design Optimization

In this phase we will identify the best technologies which are suitable for your production needs, advise you on industry standards, recommended practices and provide a course of action that will align with your project goals.


We also provide an important design solutions, for introducing the prototyping and high volume production stages with minimum manufacturing problems.


The design Optimization phase includes personal technical support, an ongoing professional guidance and consulting and design and more! 

Metal & Plastic Mass Production

We guarantee high quality castings by a wide range of alloys, a variety of metal castings and plastic injection technologies, which all stand with the highest aerospace and military standards.  

We are proud of our experienced advisors and trusted sub-contractors, who ensure maximum performance and allowing a constant progress and flow for achieving a final product.

We supply alloys such as: Ferrous, Aluminum, Copper, Magnesium, Titanium and high performance metal alloys. 

Furthermore, we are compliant with all the necessary ISO standards, quality inspections and surface treatments for providing high quality castings for the different industries.Our services include all stages for producing high quality castings such as:

  •  High and low volume manufacturing from large parts to smaller assembled units.

  •  A wide variety of casting and plastic injection technologies 

  •  Surface treatments 

  •  Necessary quality inspections according to your product needs  

  •  Post Machining

  • Inserts 

  • Finishing and painting


We also offer sub-assemblies and end-to-end assembly services. For more information contact us.

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