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Quality Policy

Document 5.2.1 v1 Updated 11/19 - Quality Policy

  1. Chaprak Technologies growth strategy is through Full-turn-key projects in the Robotics, Space and DEfense industries, while identifying potential clients. Supplying products in a non-compromising quality while creating value for the client, employee well-being, suppliers and owners. In addition, aiming to expand the technology offering and applicability on advanced technologies and automation.

  2. Chaprak Technologies management has decided on implementing a quality system based on the AS9100-D  and ISO9001-2015 standards, while involving management and employees, and applying quality as a way of life in the company.

  3. The policy matches and aligns with Chaprak Technologies strategic goals. The quality goals of the company will follow to the definde quality goals. 

  4. This policy will include the following principles. 

    1. Recognizing and understanding customer needs, while focusing on customer satisfaction.​

    2. Producing and assembling quality products meeting customer requirements.

    3. Aiming to always improve the quality of the products, processes and service.

    4. Implementing quality and excellence in all processes and produts.

    5. Leadership that is involved, and involving team members in the quality systems.

    6. Providing guidance, education and resources to the  team in order to ensure work is performed correctly.

    7. Empphasizig professionalism and cultivating excellence.

    8. Developing quality-culture, efficiency and constructive competition.

    9. Safey and environmental conscience work.

    10. Personal example.

  5. The managemednt will persist in the implementation of the quality policy throughout all organization ranks. 

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